Dear Candidate,

Congratulations on running!

Below you will find an explanation of our endorsement procedure as well as the necessary steps you must take in your application process. We look forward to sharing your information with our members and wish you the best of luck in your candidacy!

Application Deadlines

General Election, November 2018: August 15th, 2018

Endorsements Announced

General Election, November 2018: August 27th, 2018

Endorsement Procedure

1.    Submit by deadline, via email (  or regular mail (PO Box 223003, Carmel, CA  93922) the following information to DWMC president:

a.    A request stating that you would like to be considered for endorsement by the DWMC

b.    A statement that you are a registered Democrat and that you affirm our platform (

c.     A written Candidate Statement, 300 words or less, which may be published in the DWMC literature for the express purpose of educating may members.

d. A copy and signed version of DWMC's Decorum Policy which can be found here.

e. A campaign headset photo


2.    Upon receiving your submission:

a. DWMC Board will distribute all Candidate Applications to DWMC Current Members to review and vote on.

b. DWMC Board will provide candidate information and ballots to DWMC members via electronic and/or paper media.   

c. DWMC Members’ candidate choices will be returned via confidential electronic survey and/or regular mail and tallied.

d. The candidate with the highest vote count for each contested race shall be endorsed. In the event of an exact tie, both candidates shall be endorsed equally.

e. The endorsement decision is published via DWMC’s website (, through DWMC’s email newsletter, at the organization’s meetings, and through other media as appropriate.