DWMC Platform and By-laws

Democratic Women of Monterey County: Platform

This platform is offered as a statement of principles and positions supported by the Democratic Women of Monterey County. We believe the achievement of these goals will promote the rights and equality of women and children and an improved society for our state, the nation and the world.



The DWMC seeks a sustainable global society. Intrinsic to this goal is a respect for nature and the earth’s ecosystem, universal human rights, socio-economic equality and justice, and a culture of peace. Achieving sustainability requires policies that reflect the interdependence of economic and social systems with the environment.


The DWMC supports gender equity, defined as fairness of treatment for persons of all gender identities, according to their respective needs. Equity encompasses equal pay, equal rights, and equal opportunity. It includes equal treatment: that is treatment that may be different, but is considered equivalent in terms of rights, benefits, obligations, and opportunities.

Reproductive Freedom and Justice

The DWMC unequivocally supports women’s reproductive freedom as the foundation for women’s equality. It is an essential component of human rights. Women must have individual autonomy over their reproductive health and have ready access to quality, affordable medical services which cover the full range of reproductive health care choices.

Women’s Human Rights

The DWMC is committed to the achievement of women’s full human rights, and to the elimination of discrimination against women in all forms. We support the empowerment, autonomy, and security of women and the improvement of their political, social, economic, and health status. These goals require an end to violence against women, including the eradication of trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Family Policy

The DWMC supports family policies that promote healthy and prosperous families. This includes protecting women of all ages and their families from poverty, violence and abuse, lack of health care, discrimination on the job, and loss of job due to family or personal emergencies. We support safe housing, adequate child and elder care, and transportation systems needed to maintain healthy lives.

Women’s Political Participation

The DWMC is committed to increasing women’s participation at every level of the political system. Equal representation of women in government is a value we support in its own right. Women are excellent leaders who prioritize issues such as health care, education, social justice, and human rights.


The DWMC supports the enactment of the Equal Rights Amendment, to provide women with a constitutional guarantee of equality and protection against discrimination.

Democratic Party Platforms

The DWMC endorses the Democratic Party political platforms at thelocal, California State, and federal levels.