Declaration on Democratic Party Endorsement of Candidates Issued in response to the DCCC’s Policy Supporting Anti-Choice Candidates

The Democratic Women of Monterey County believe every woman and girl has the right to make decisions about her body, her health and her future. True equality cannot be achieved without access to safe, legal, abortion.
Yet the Democratic National Committee has dropped its decades-old policy of endorsing only pro-choice candidates. Electeds who would allow the criminalization of abortion in the United States would put women’s lives and health at risk.

  • The Trump administration has attacked women’s healthcare, hastened the massive erosion of access to abortion and contraception, weakened teen pregnancy prevention and maternal health care, challenged the enforcement of Title IX and women’s right to education and employment free of discrimination and violence.
  • Women have dominated, organized, marched and publicly pressured electeds in the resistance to this administration. They are a driving and most effective force behind the movement. 

*The DCCC’s unequivocal cowardice in its abandonment of unconditional support for a a woman’s autonomy over her own body, and her ability to control her personal and economic future, is an enormous betrayal and a complete disintegration of the party’s moral center.

The policy flies in the face of logic and will not strengthen the party. 
*Over 70% of Americans of all political parties support the right to legal abortion.

*52% of Democratic women state abortion rights were very important to them when voting.
*Pew finds that Democrats oppose overturning a constitutional right to choose by an even larger 84/14. This opposition has been in every Democratic national platform since 1976.
*The attempt to appease disaffected voters who want jobs and relief from opiod addition with a strategy to deny women’s right to abortions is clearly not a winning strategy.

  • If the DNC was truly committed to A Better Deal for Americans, they would not risk denying half the population’s and half of the Democratic party’s right to determine their reproductive future, which is the largest indicator of one’s economic future.

We therefore call on the Democratic National Party and all Democratic elected officials to:

  • Immediately commit to the endorsement requirement that candidates must be prochoice
  • Pledge to continue the legislative and judicial fight to keep abortion legal and accessible
  • Acknowledge that the Democratic Women of Monterey County will not endorse or support an elected who supports candidates who are not prochoice.

** This declaration was modeled after the Airlie Declaration on Safe Legal Abortion written at the World Leaders Consultation on Uniting for Safe and Legal Abortion in March 2014. It was considered to be a necessary document for women in countries whose leadership treated them as non-citizens. It is extremely alarming that it has become necessary to compose a similar document in 2017 for women in the Democratic Party in the United States.
Democratic electeds and organizations to contact regarding the party’s blatant disregard for women’s fundamental rights:

DCCC (202) 863-1500
DNC (use the Contact form) or Phone:202-863-8000
CADEM Womens Caucus
Representative Panetta
Senator Feinstein
Senator Harris
Representative Pelosi
Assemblymember Stone
Senator Monning
Assemblymember Anna Caballero