Susan Meister Does It Again!

Terrific article in the Monterey Herald by Susan Meister on "the puppet at the podium." Susan is a DWMC member and the coordinator of Indivisible Monterey County.

"Watching Sean Spicer’s daily White House briefing is seeing both the next “Saturday Night Live” parody and the deepening torture of a man who was at one time regarded as a capable member of the press. He seems to have readily embraced the role of shill for a discredited president who regularly substitutes facts for outright lies..."

California Trusts Women!

Donald Trump and his anti-choice allies are obsessed with defunding Planned Parenthood and making abortion and contraception all but impossible to access. If they cut off federal funding to reproductive health-care centers, it could jeopardize care for many Californians. We aren't going to sit back while our fundamental rights are threatened. So NARAL is launching a campaign to create a license plate with a simple message: "California Trusts Women."

Let's Pass RHNDA (AB 569)

As you may have heard, NARAL Pro-Choice California recently introduced the Reproductive Health Non Discrimination Act (RHNDA), AB 569, in the California legislature. This legislation would make it illegal to discriminate against women and their families for making personal reproductive health decisions, such as going on birth control, using IVF, or having an abortion. To build power around this bill, our dedicated volunteers are canvassing small businesses in their communities to sign onto a letter supporting the legislation and hanging a window cling declaring that they do not tolerate discrimination. 

Forward, March!

The new year is here, bringing Republican control in Washington that is already threatening rights across the nation. As part of the DWMC’s commitment to democratic principles and the human rights of all, we are supporting these local organizing efforts. We invite you to join us at these rallies. Working together, we can effectively defend our community and nation against sexism, racism and religious bigotry.