DWMC November 2018 Endorsed Candidates
(Listed in Alphabetical Order)

Endorsements for the November 2018 Election were determined by approximately one third of DWMC dues paying members who voted. They chose to endorse the Candidates listed below.

All Candidates support the DWMC Platform and signed our decorum policy

Candidates may use this endorsement and the DWMC logo as part of their campaign.


Candidate for Monterey Peninsula Community College Board of Trustee – Area 2

I am the ideal candidate to represent the residents of Trustee Area 2 on the Monterey Peninsula Community (MPC) College District Board of Trustees. Area 2 encompasses the City of Marina, communities of East Garrison, The Dunes, Sea Haven, Preston Park, CSUMB and East Campus Housing, The Parks @ Monterey Bay, and a portion of the Seaside Highlands.

A mom of two young children, I know that MPC’s ability to provide access to an affordable, high-quality academic program is critical to families. And, with State approved changes to funding for community colleges, it is critical that MPC be a college where all who attend, including low-income, first-generation, and students of color, make timely and seamless transitions to a 4-year college or university.  

With an M.A. from NYU (’04) and B.A. from USC (’02), I bring the combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and heart that is urgently needed to ensure MPC justly serves our diverse community.  As VP of Community Investments at United Way Monterey County, I proved myself to be an innovative and collaborative leader who can translate community needs into sound policy and thriving programs.  Currently, as Policy Advisor to a County Supervisor, I adeptly navigate process and politics to deliver results that improve life in our community.  

As Trustee, I will work to ensure MPC meets the higher educational needs of students by supporting faculty’s ability to designs relevant and responsive academic programs that align with student interest and business needs.  I will fight for MPC to fulfill its promise of a thriving Marina Education Center, which must include supporting the Marina High School Early College and Career initiative and ensuring the college is an active and innovative partner to MPUSD.  And, I will champion strategic connection with business, so graduates can achieve self-sufficiency locally.


Timothy Barrett:
Candidate for monterey city council

I currently serve as Vice Mayor and Council Member in Monterey.  
I believe our highest calling is to move from self-interest to public good and that by building cooperative relationships across our community we’re able to make progress on challenging issues.

Many candidates say they want equity, sustainability, justice, livable wages and family affordable housing at campaign time, but these words mean little unless we can figure out how to operationalize the concepts. By being proactive, we have set initiatives in motion that do operationalize progress toward empowerment, equity, sustainability, economic participation and family affordable housing. I’ve taken the time to earn my community’s respect, build change-making networks, empower participation and enhance capacity for change. That work is not finished, and I wish to continue the process.

Stimulating community investment, we brought an ordinance encouraging financial institutions to reinvest city funds with local homeowners and small businesses.

We brought an economic conference resulting in increasing local economic empowerment, emphasis on funding local entrepreneurs and stimulating sustainable livable wage-earning job growth.

I created the Neighborhood Housing Fund to stimulate development of workforce housing and keep homes locally owned reaffirming housing for community and strengthening neighborhoods.

Because we spoke up, our Recreation Plan now includes a senior daycare center, and I organized the Community Responses to Eldercare Symposium: Empowering citizen problem-solvers to meet family care-giving needs.

Introducing the Healthy Eating, Active Living Cities Campaign raised City park standards and added potential for community wellness grant funding.

I’m a Monterey One Water Board Member, constructing the Pure Water Monterey facility to provide more Peninsula-Wide drinking water.

Today’s Council passed low carbon emissions policies, joined Monterey Bay Community Power, supported reemergence of Monterey’s fishing economy, funded community-based policing, hired firefighters, approved fire station-based EMT response teams and rehabilitated sewers, streets and sidewalks.

Achieving community goals requires sustained focused commitment. I humbly request your endorsement.


Lisa Berkley:
Candidate for Marina City Council

As the Vice-Chair of the Marina Planning Commission and a member of the Marina City Council’s Ad- Hoc Committee for Downtown Vitalization, I work for sustainable economic growth and development and to provide greater citizen engagement. Transparency, inclusion, and collaboration define my leadership style and I am internationally recognized as an innovative problem solver.

With a background in management and consulting within the governmental, nonprofit, and private sectors, I am prepared to address Marina's complex challenges. Along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Environmental Science, I am uniquely qualified to balance economic development with natural resource preservation.

I serve on a number of boards and organizations including Women In International Security’s U.S. West Coast Chapter (WIISWest), Citizens for Just Water, Democratic Women of Monterey County Club, and the Housing Resource Center of Monterey County, which provides housing resources for homeless prevention and affordable housing opportunities. I am a member of the Marina Rotary Club and the Marina Chamber of Commerce.

After traveling and working in numerous foreign locations, I was attracted to Marina by its rich cultural and ethnic diversity and have chosen it to be my home. I live with my partner and many rescue animals in central Marina.

Education: I have a rich and diverse educational background which enables me to address complex situations from a unique holistic perspective.

• B.A., Environmental Science & Economics (New York University)

• M.A., International Policy Studies, specializing in Counter-terrorism & Transitional Justice (Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey)

• M.A. , Leadership and Change (Antioch University)

• Ph.D. Candidate, Leadership and Change (Antioch University)

• Degree and certifications in holistic medicine, massage therapy, and stress management

• Executive Certificates in Counter-Terrorism and Arab Culture

• Certificates in various aspects of post-conflict reconstruction and strengthening cross-community ties between civilian governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations and inter- governmental organizations and the armed forces



Please Note: Anna Caballero received our endorsement during the June 2018 Primary Election. That endorsement carries through to the November 2018 General Election.

I am a candidate for this office for the same reasons that I moved to Salinas straight out of law school to become a farm-worker attorney at CRLA. I want to take what I have learned in three decades of public service in Salinas City and California State Government and use it to have impact, to make things better for the folks who represent my roots, poor people, rural residents, people of color. My experiences over those three decades both qualify me and motivate me to do so. My top policy priorities are water quality and sustainability, affordable workforce housing, and rural economic development with a focus on workforce training, infrastructure and early childhood education.


Jason Campbell:
candidate for Seaside City Council

As I approach the end of my first term as a Seaside City Council Member I hope to have four more years to continue cultivating positive changes in the City and our region.  My position on the council has transitioned (with the last election) from often being the sole dissenting vote on critical matters, to split votes which are more likely (but not guaranteed) to result in actions by the Council that align with the DWMC platform. 

The sustainable and environmental policies of our City are still in need of bolstering and I will be their strongest advocate, recognizing how much a healthy natural environment translates to a healthy community (in multiple ways). The more complex issues of taxing and subsidies, which can come at the expense of social benefits, are issues I have worked hard to monitor and balance.  Many cities, including Seaside, are considering re-establishing forms of Redevelopment Agencies which intercept taxes for the promotion of developer benefitting infrastructure.  

On a regional level, I have paid close attention to the actions of the Fort Ord Reuse Authority and recognize the loss to the community and schools by their tax increment interceptions. If I, and like minded colleagues are elected to the Council I can serve on the FORA Board and prepare for an orderly “sunset" of FORA.  

During my first term I have initiated or promoted the demise of Monterey Downs, the defense of community parks, linked affordable housing to short term rentals, and supported sound development; all while improving the fiscal position of the City.  With your endorsement, we can continue to advocate for these and many more socially beneficial programs.

Thank you for your consideration.


Nona Childress:
Candidate for Salinas City Council

I was first elected to public office (Town Meeting Representative) at 18, and went back for another term after college. My main focus is on inclusion and transparency; voices that can’t access meetings shouldn’t be left out, and votes should be cast in accordance with the publicly stated reasons. I am running for office to increase representation among neglected groups and bring them up to the same volume as groups which are already comfortable with the established channels. Renters, landlords, workers, employers, and other community members all have valid information to offer. I am supportive of continued efforts to increase affordable housing using proven methods like those outlined in MBEP’s white paper. Those who work and contribute in our community should be able to afford to stay here. I will also focus on fiscal responsibility in terms of infrastructure, Measure X and SB1 funds. I have always sought alternative solutions when traditional paths were blocked, and hope to bring that creativity to public service. In my role as an advocate for foster youth, I seek and support the best available solutions, taking into account the limitations of reality. As a scientist, I gather and process large amounts of data to find accurate answers (and more questions). As a musician, I like to pull together unrelated themes and make a rich harmony. I believe we can improve our communities by including more voices. My experiences as dropout, valedictorian, migrant worker, disabled, queer, and privileged have all provided valuable insights that make me search for more input from many sources. And as a representative, I transmit my constituent’s concerns no matter what or who they may be. I thank you for your consideration and ask your support as I run for Salinas City Council.


Regina Gage:
CANDIDATE FOR Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System Board of Directors, Zone 1

In 2014, our community won a major victory giving residents the right to choose board members of Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System from zoned districts. This decision meant Monterey County could vote for hospital representatives from within our own neighborhoods. I want to continue this historic win by ensuring North County patients and families have a local voice in the quality of services, patient care standards, and administration of our vital public district hospital. 

As an 18-year Prunedale resident, I have held many leadership roles. For more than 10 years, I served as Chief Financial Officer for St. Andrews Residential Program for Youth, Executive Director of the Monterey County Bar Association, legal advocate for survivors of domestic violence, and currently Executive Director for Meals on Wheels of the Salinas Valley providing nutritious meals for some of the most vulnerable members of our community. And like many of my neighbors, my family and I have experienced the compassionate care from our hospital’s nurses, physicians, and dedicated staff in our time of need. 

Monterey County residents deserve high-quality, affordable healthcare services from our public hospital. I have the professional experience, advocacy record, and courage to meet this challenge. I will lead by being transparent, accountable and responsive to all North County stakeholders. 


Kayla Jones:
Candidate for Seaside Mayor

As a third-generation Seaside resident, my family has always been committed to its future. We need a Mayor with fresh vision and new ideas to represent our diverse population and needs. Seaside can’t afford to revive old ways of doing business.

    As a Councilmember, I strive to include more residents in decision-making. I have initiated programs for a more democratic process such as City-sponsored childcare during council meetings, established committees to address homelessness and environmental stewardship, and changed procedural aspects of City Council business, empowering Councilmembers to serve more effectively in their roles.

    As Mayor, I would promote sustainable water supply and the pursuit of public ownership at a reasonable cost to the ratepayers; support housing for people at all income levels; take a regional approach in transitional housing for the homeless and support our booming downtown businesses and new industries moving to the area.

    As an EMT, I helped people in crisis. I have compassion and commitment to public service as I tackle important decisions for our community. My grandmother, Doris Jones, worked as an aide to Congressman Farr, my late grandfather, Otis Jones, served as the Adjutant General of the 7th Division of Fort Ord, and my mother was a police officer. I intend to carry on the family tradition of a life of public service in Monterey County. Endorsed by Assemblymember Mark Stone, Supervisor Jane Parker, and other prominent community leaders, I request your endorsement, support, and your vote.


Candidate for 20th Congressional district, CA

As your United States Representative, I’m fighting so that everybody has equal opportunities to contribute to our community, support themselves and their families, and achieve their full potential.

Having grown up on the Central Coast, I understand the challenges facing working parents and families and the important economic role millions of women play in our communities and across our country. That is why I support legislation to ensure true pay equity, affordable childcare, and guaranteed paid leave.

As the grandson of immigrants, I’m fighting for common sense immigration reform with an earned pathway to citizenship for families and Dreamers. I have introduced legislation to prevent government officials from separating children from their parents at the border, and to protect immigrants who report crimes.

I’m defending our environment by protecting our ocean and coastline from oil drilling, working to strengthen our clean air and water laws, promoting conservation funding, and guarding against the effects of climate change. I have introduced legislation to respond to climate change and ocean acidification, and advance marine stewardship and conservation.

I’m a staunch defender of the protections enshrined in the Affordable Care Act, and other healthcare rights provided to all Americans including a woman’s right to choose. I am also an advocate for Medicare for all, as every American should have access to quality healthcare.

I’m working hard to be the bridge for the people on the Central Coast to the federal government and its resources. Since taking office, I have completed over one thousand cases for constituents and held over seven hundred meetings in the district with hundreds of our neighbors.

I’ll continue to bring fresh ideas to Congress and work with all sides to get things done for our community.

I humbly request and would be honored by the endorsement of the DWMC.

GTR - Herald photo - FB Oct 2017 - cropped.jpg

George Riley:
Candidate for Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, Division 2 Director (Part of Seaside, all of Del Rey Oaks and Sand City, part of Monterey, and adjacent unincorporated areas)

I have been active since 2002 on water issues on the Peninsula, focusing on California American Water, the Water Management District, and the supply conundrum.  I helped launch the volunteer group Citizens for Public Water in 2005, been an intervenor on CPUC proceedings since 2009, helped found Public Water Now in 2013, which put Measure O on the June 2014 ballot, and which barely lost.  Since 2014, I have been Managing Director for Public Water Now, which has a new public ownership initiative on the November 2018 ballot.  DWMC has endorsed this initiative, and I thank you again.  

After 4 years in the Navy and a masters degree from Wharton School in Philadelphia, I had a career in local government management. I retired from San Mateo County as Director of Housing and Community Services.

After moving to Monterey in 1997, I volunteered on various public interest issues, including election integrity, smart growth, blight removal at Fort Ord, local control of water, and local control campaigns to support community power and to ban fracking.  I have been on the local League of Women Voters Board for 10 years. 

I promise strong leadership for effective stewardship of water resources, public partnerships, and ratepayer protection.  I am committed to sustainable watershed and water supply practices, and a reliable and full water supply.    

I want to apply my knowledge, energy and public interest ethics, in support of local control and the public trust. 

Rivas Campaign Photo.jpg

Candidate for California State Assembly

Please Note: Robert Rivas received our endorsement during the June 2018 Primary Election. That endorsement carries through to the November 2018 General Election.

My family and I have deep roots here. I was raised in farmworker housing near Hollister, after my grandfather and mother immigrated from Mexico in search of a better life. Now my wife Christen and I are raising our daughter in the same town where I grew up.

 I’ve dedicated my career to giving back to my community. I’ve spent the past eight years on the San Benito County Board of Supervisors, working to ensure our area remains safe, affordable, and welcoming to everyone. I championed the construction of a new homeless resource center and shelter. I stood up to Big Oil and led the successful effort to ban fracking that threatened our drinking water. I led efforts to build affordable housing and reduce traffic congestion. 

I’m running for State Assembly to continue standing up for our Central Coast communities. As an educator, I understand the urgent need to invest in our public schools and community colleges. We must provide a safe and high quality education that can give every child the opportunity to succeed. I will be a strong advocate for good-paying jobs, access to quality health care, and equal pay for women.  We need to fix our crumbling roads and ease traffic congestion. We must protect our local farms and beautiful natural environment. We need to give our communities the resources to keep our neighborhoods safe. 

I’ll fight to make sure this remains the land of opportunity and I will continue to stand up for what is right.

Anthony Rocha.jpg

Anthony Rocha:
CANDIDATE FOR Salinas Union High School District, Board of Trustees

I am running for the Salinas Union High School District School Board. I am a Salinas native who attended and graduated from our local schools including the Salinas Union High School District. I have lived in this district for most of my life and care deeply about the future of our great city. I understand a key part of the solution to preventing violence, creating good paying jobs, and ending poverty is to have a thriving education system and more opportunities for our youth. I have served our community in several capacities such as a Youth Commissioner for the City of Salinas, a Mental Health Commissioner for the County of Monterey, and as a member of the Board of Directors for both the Community Alliance for Safety and Peace (CASP) and the Salinas Union High School District’s Education Foundation.

I have decided to dedicate my life in service to others as an advocate for the educational needs and success of our students and families. That is why I work as a Community Resource Manager for a local foster care agency which provides supportive housing and intense case management for foster children who have been separated from their families. It is through this experience that I have been able to see how our local education system is failing far too many of our students. Our local school district needs to focus more on violence prevention, career training programs, college readiness programs for first generation college students, mental health services, and increasing parental involvement in all district schools. My background and proven track record in government and advocacy makes me uniquely qualified to be an effective leader in this position.

I would be honored to receive your support as we work together towards creating the best schools in Salinas.

Jan Shriner photo MCWD 2018.png

Jan Shriner:
Candidate for Marina Coast Water District DIRECTOR


I am running for re-election for the Board of Marina Coast Water District for November 2018. With your support, this will be my third term.

I defend groundwater quality. I am volunteering with Protect Monterey County, promoting the ban of fracking and trying to stop injection of untreated wastewater into the Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin (SVGB).

I work on groundwater management. In 2016, I participated with the Environmental Caucus of the Collaborative Working Group of the SVGB for the new Groundwater Sustainability Act. In 2017, I supported Marina Coast to establish Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) for central Marina and the Ord Communities.

I strive to create science-based policies such as applying Stanford’s Aerial Electromagnetic (AEM) Survey. Scientists can provide AEM imagery to help us determine and maintain specific underground drinking water resources.

I envision reducing the carbon footprint of MCWD as part of the next five-year Strategic Plan.

I do not accept donations from large corporations.

Key early endorsements include: Monterey County District 4 Supervisor Jane Parker, Marina City Council members Frank O’Connell and Gail Morton, MCWD Board President Tom Moore, and MCWD Board Member Herbert Cortez.

Please support my re-election for continued work on your clean, healthful water.

urruttia photo.JPG

Adam Urrutia:
Candidate for Marina City Council

I work for Service Employees International Union Local 521. In my role as a political organizer for SEIU, I have engaged in many fights on issues important to Democrats. Unions are leading the fight for equal pay for equal work, improved paid family, maternity, and paternity leave, increased access to quality and comprehensive health insurance including access to abortion, and in combatting sexual harassment in the workplace. I have joined in these fights as they are near and dear to me and my family.

I want to continue to serve Marina, as I have done for much of the last decade as a community volunteer, non-profit board member, and volunteer Marina Planning Commissioner. My wife and I are raising our two young daughters in Marina and it is our hope to continue working to make Marina a safer and more beautiful place to raise a family and retire.

As your Planning Commissioner, I have taken a stand for protecting our natural environment, demanding smart sustainable growth, and protection for open space.  We need affordable housing, a vibrant downtown, and must ensure that new development pays its fair share and creates well-paying jobs. We also must protect our groundwater basin from attempts by outsiders to take our water.

I have served our community in many volunteer capacities. I am one of the founding members of Friends of Marina Parks and I am the founder of the Committee for a Safer Better Marina, which is working to add $2 million per year to the City’s budget to fix roads, maintain parks, remove blight, and enhance other vital public services like police and fire protection. I am a delegate to the Monterey County Democratic Central Committee.

I humbly ask for your vote for Adam Urrutia.


Jon Wizard:
Candidate for Seaside City Council

Please Note: Jon Wizard received our endorsement during the June 2018 Primary Election. That endorsement carries through to the November 2018 General Election.

As a member of the Seaside Environmental Committee and the Monterey County Planning Commission, I have worked to protect our environment and maintain our high quality of life by voting to deny new oil exploration wells and to safeguard our fragile and finite water supply.

As an advocate for affordable housing, I have worked with the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership to host a community forum at the Oldemeyer Center, bringing together Monterey County Supervisor Jane Parker, Seaside Councilmember Kayla Jones, MPUSD Trustee Wendy Root Askew, and city staff to discuss Seaside’s near-term and long-term affordable housing opportunities and challenges. As a member of Seaside’s Blue Ribbon Task Force for the Prevention of Youth Violence and as a member of the Monterey County Branch of the NAACP executive committee, I have supported local restorative justice and racial equity programs, benefiting local people of color, the working poor, and our youth.

Additionally, my master’s thesis, The Militarization of Police Across the United States as a Result of the Events Occurring During the 1990s in Los Angeles – a mouthful, I know – has been advanced to my university’s graduate studies office for final review. I was also recently accepted to a Master’s of Public Administration program that begins July 2018.

I believe my experience on these boards and commissions, paired with my academic training and my professional experience as a firefighter, 9-1-1 dispatcher, and police officer, has prepared me to continue serving my community as a member of Seaside’s city council. I hope to add your endorsement to those of the above-mentioned elected officials, as well as MPUSD Trustees Debra Gramespacher and Alana Myles, MPWMD Director Brenda Lewis, and Kristi Markey. Thank you and Win with Wiz!

Dionne Yurbba.JPG

Dionne Ybarra:
Candidate for Pacific Grove Mayor

I am a 20 year resident of Pacific Grove, a parent with children 3-27, a Non Profit Founder. I’ve been an active community member advocating for women’s and family rights along with environmental conservation for 25 years in Monterey County. I serve on community boards and committees and currently hold two Appointed Seats as Chairperson on two County Commission, the Commission on the Status of Women and the Equal Rights Advisory Board.

As Mayor I will advocate and be a voice for our diverse community. The Mayor should be a trusted and active communication link between the community members and the city. I will strive to engage our city’s stakeholders especially those who in the past feel they have not been heard or represented, allowing residents to increase their direct democracy. I believe the City of Pacific Grove will benefit from bold and inspiring leadership. As Mayor I will begin to ask new questions to find answers to old and even recent problems that our city faces and strive to find resourceful solutions. I will work to identify opportunities for transparency and fiscal growth that are key to the economic stability of our city.

I am asking for your vote of Pacific Grove Residents so I can take my diverse and effective experience in global non-profits and community leadership to the office of the Mayor of Pacific Grove.


Betty YEE:
Candidate for State Controller

Please Note: Betty Yee received our endorsement during the June 2018 Primary Election. That endorsement carries through to the November 2018 General Election.

As California’s chief fiscal officer, Controller Yee is responsible for the accounting, disbursement, and auditing of the state’s financial resources. She serves on the boards for the nation’s two largest public pension funds, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS), which have a combined portfolio of over $500 billion.  Controller Yee currently chairs the State Lands Commission and the Franchise Tax Board, and serves on 70 policy and financial oversight boards.

Elected in 2014, Controller Yee is the tenth woman elected to a statewide office in California’s history.  Her significant accomplishments to date include:

  • Managing the State's cash, avoiding any external borrowing to pay the bills for California.

  • Uncovering close to $4 billion in public funds directed towards unallowed uses during audits of state and local agencies.

  • Issuing the annual financial statements for the State of California that have earned national awards for their accuracy and integrity.

  • Protecting retirement security for our educators and public sector workers.

  • Decommissioning the last nuclear power plant in California as well as the last state oil platform in the Santa Barbara Channel.

Currently the only woman holding statewide constitutional office, Controller Yee advocates for the rights of countless numbers of women in the service industries who face, witness, or fear harassment every day in the workplace.  She is the sponsor of legislation to expand required sexual harassment training and to authorize restitution for victims of human trafficking.

With 35 years of experience in state and local finance and tax policy, Controller Yee knows California's economic health will be sustained by ensuring a working economy:  one that embraces new economic opportunities and work for all, one in which women may fully and equally participate, and one that supports and protects workers.


Dr. Matthew (Matt) Zefferman:
Candidate for Marina Coast Water District director

I am running for Marina Coast Water District Board director because I am passionate about public service and environmental sustainability. I served 6.5 years as an officer in the US Air Force and was responsible for civil and environmental engineering projects at military bases in Texas, Alaska, and the Middle East. From 2006 to 2007, I was the chief of construction planning for the largest military base in Afghanistan, making sure our troops had the vital infrastructure they needed. After my military service, I moved to California to earn a PhD in Ecology and now teach military officers at the Naval Postgraduate School.

As a MCWD director, I will support projects and policies that deliver clean, sustainable, and affordable water. I will oppose any project that allows saltwater to contaminate our groundwater or gives away our ratepayer money. With the potential annexation of the former Fort Ord into the district, I will work with the board to ensure that residents of the lower-income parts of Marina do end up paying for capital-intensive infrastructure expansion into higher-income developments.

Occupation: Research Scientist and University Educator

Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
  • Master’s Degree in Environmental Management, Cornell University
  • US Air Force Civil Engineering Officer
  • Environmental Planning Courses PhD in Ecology, University of California, Davis

So far, I have been endorsed by:

  • Thomas Moore, President of the MCWD Board of Directors
  • Jan Shriner, Vice President of the MCWD Board of Directors
  • Lisa Berkley, Vice Chairperson, City of Marina Planning Commission
  • Kathy Biala, City of Marina Planning Commission, Citizens for Just Water
  • Paula Pelot, Chair of Preston & Abrams Parks Tenants Association
  • Wendy Root Askew, Board Member, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District

I am especially excited about representing the diverse and thriving Marina community on the MCWD board and I hope that you will endorse me for MCWD director.

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