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The following people have given $500 or more to sustain a Lifetime Membership. Lifetime Members supply foundational support for our progressive activities. Benefits include annual membership waivers going forward, and prominent display of names on our website and in other promotional materials. 

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Amy Anderson
Sharon Bacon
Barbara Baldock
Mel Burnett
Carol Church
Lila Critchley
Beverly Dekker- Davidson
Heddy Eddy
Peggy Field
Wendy Jordan Fields
Susie Franklin
Carla Garnham
Karin Strasser Kauffman

Barbara Livingston
Mary Anne Teed Lloyd
Konny Murray
Laura Newmark
Jane Parker
Rosalie Pinkert
Ruth Rachel
Judy Ritchie
Suzanne Francoeur Taunt
Priscilla Walton
Lynne Weatherman
Amy White

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