Our Mission

The Democratic Women of Monterey County is dedicated to creating opportunities for Democratic women to interact, participate, and educate themselves and the community about political candidates and issues. Our objective is to inspire and empower the women who will be the architects of progressive social change and the leaders in our community who will fight effectively for critically needed, sustainable, positive change in our society.

With the current administration, women in leadership has never been more critical. The DWMC is absolutely committed to strengthening our Democratic presence in all elected positions.

What We've Done recently


  • Contributed almost $30,000 to local Democratic women, men, and Democratic organizations.
  • Brought topical speakers to you at our monthly luncheons and evening events.
  • Gave contributions to the national campaign.
  • Produce weekly Political Action Alerts to engage and educate our membership with the news stories of the day impacting women locally and across the nation.
  • Bring topical speakers to you at our monthly luncheons and free evening events.
  • This year, 2017 our very own DWMC President announced her candidacy for Monterey County District 2 Supervisor! (To learn about Regina Gage’s campaign, please visit www.reginaforsupervisor.org
  • Supported local Democratic women and male candidates who affirmed our platform.
  • Host several Social Vents where our membership came together socially and informally for conversation, collaboration, and connection.
  • Make financial contributions to Democratic women and progressive organizations.

The Democratic Women of Monterey County thank you for your support in 2017.